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What is this sequence – Lab meeting – 01/14/2021

What is this sequence–
Strong, silent, or inactive?
It’s all in the bits.

Credit – Ryan Friedman

Haiku was here – Lab meeting 12/17/2020

Haiku was here

From ashes of sparks,
Poets pick up left pieces,
“Hey! Poems were here”

Credit – Yawei Wu

If one sings about the invisible, and to Calvino – Lab Meeting 12/03/2020

If one sings about the invisible, and to Calvino
These cities Marco Polo told the Khan,
Which are forgotten by memory now,
Only shadows exist and else are gone.
Oh Where? In Levantine but no one saw.
Ooh! A human cries for joy not for pain,
Only in Diomera with damascened wall;
And Isidora, before her all fain,
In endless desires memory is all.
It’s real? The Great Khan asks, with his back bent.
Does it matter? As light as a feather
Polo’s answer is outside the present,
Just as daydreams, do not wither.
To feel the subtlety of foreverness,
And to kiss the pain of experience.

Credit – Siqi Zhao

Zoom – Lab Meeting 11/19/2020

Your face frozen on
my screen. These days we all have
limited bandwidth.

haiku by Janni Lee Simner, shared by Dustin

Brad – Lab Meeting 10/15/20

There once was a promoter called Brad
Who flew to a landing pad
He left in style
But landed in hell
He makes me a little mad

Credit – Clarice Hong

Jeff is a transcription factor – Lab meeting 09/24/20


Jeff biked off to find a good beer
But only closed breweries would appear
Good thing he was a pioneer developmental transcription factor
He broke in with his zinc retractor
And drank all the night with good cheer

Credit – Jeff Hansen

A TF ponders – Lab meeting 08/27/20

On the sense strand a TF pondered,
“Which way to the enhancer I wonder?”
Should I follow the loop,
through this phase separate soup?
Or hitch a ride with my pal p300?

Credit – Barak Cohen

A computationalist’s lament – Ryan’s lab meeting 8/20/20

Stay home? No problem! My work won’t be quenched.
After all, things in lab can make quite a stench.
But one fifty seven days
of work from home craze
makes me wish I did more at the bench.

Credit – Ryan Friedman

Mutants, brawn and bereavement from Nicole’s lab meeting – 8/13/20

There once was a zygote conceived
Whose genome mutated with ease
The mutations plopped on
With great strength and brawn
And now the parents are bereaved

Credit – Nicole Rockweiler

Haiku – Siqi’s lab meeting 7/30

Of those sleepless nights,
how many did you consume,

Credit – Siqi Zhao