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Cohen Lab attends ASBMB meeting

Mike, Clarice, Ryan, Kai, and Yawei recently traveled to the Stowers Institute in Kansas City to attend the ASBMB conference "Evolution and Core Processes in Gene Expresson". Clarice gave a talk and everyone else presented a poster. Congratulations to Yawei, who was awarded a Best Poster Award for a graduate student!

We had a great time learning about the latest research in cis-regulatory grammar, enhancer evolution, and predictive models of gene regulation. We also enjoyed eating some delicious Kansas City BBQ and connecting with our peers and colleagues in the field.

James F30 Success

Congrats James for recieving a F30 award from NEI for the project "Multiplex functional assay of variant effect in the retinal transcription factor CRX".

Congrats Ryan on your F31!

Congrats Ryan for recieving a F31 award from NHGRI ("Interpreting function of non-coding sequences with synthetic biology and machine learning").

Max K99 Success

Great work Max for recieving a K99 award from NIGMS for his project "High-Throughput Functional Interrogation Of Mammalian Activation Domains".

Marc Sherman receives prestigious Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Medical Science Fellowship

The Olin Fellowships recognize accomplishments in biomedical research by doctoral students at Washington University. While thirty-two students were nominated, only eight awards were granted. Marc’s research focused on stochasticity in gene expression and the kinds of “noise” that are often disregarded when expression is measured. While he has moved on to his clinical rotations, Marc’s work in the Cohen lab can be found under our publications header.