Cohen Lab


Marc Sherman receives prestigious Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Medical Science Fellowship

The Olin Fellowships recognize accomplishments in biomedical research by doctoral students at Washington University. While thirty-two students were nominated, only eight awards were granted. Marc’s research focused on stochasticity in gene expression and the kinds of “noise” that are often disregarded when expression is measured. While he has moved on to his clinical rotations, Marc’s work in the Cohen lab can be found under our publications header.

Mike White interviewed in St. Louis Magazine

Our own Mike White talks about what makes genetics cool in an interview for St. Louis magazine.

Lethal Mutants win softball title

Led by team captains Brett Maricque (5th year CSB) and Kevin Forsberg (5th year MGG) the lethal mutants won the WUSM intramural softball league with a resounding win in the championship game yesterday. Well done computational biologists and molecular geneticists.