Cohen Lab


Mutants, brawn and bereavement from Nicole’s lab meeting – 8/13/20

There once was a zygote conceived
Whose genome mutated with ease
The mutations plopped on
With great strength and brawn
And now the parents are bereaved

Credit – Nicole Rockweiler

Gene regulation and fruit from a tree – Yawei’s lab meeting 8/7/20

Yawei started lab meeting with a cartoon depicting a model of gene regulation. See if you can figure out the analogy.

Image credit – Yawei Wu

Haiku – Siqi’s lab meeting 7/30

Of those sleepless nights,
how many did you consume,

Credit – Siqi Zhao

Congrats Ryan on your F31!

Congrats Ryan for recieving a F31 award from NHGRI ("Interpreting function of non-coding sequences with synthetic biology and machine learning").

Virtual Reunion

The virtual celebration for Dana’s paper turned into a lab Zoom reunion on April 7, 2020. It was great to see everyone who could make it and hear stories from different eras of the lab.

First Cohen Research Conference

The first-ever Cohen Research Conference was held Feb 25-27, 2020 at Stonehaven Castle, Eureka Springs, AR. Every conference attendee registered online for the conference and presented a talk. Other activities included communal cooking, board-games, day-time and night-time hikes, a meditation session, sciencing around a campfire, spotting constellations on a clear black sky, balancing the entire lab on a log, and impromptu midnight performances with the guitar by Barak. It was a truly special experience. Thanks to Clarice and Jeff, the chief organizers of the conference.

Photo credit: James

Sailing fun

The lab spent a fun day sailing on Barak’s boat last week. The weather obliged with some great sunshine and good winds. The rejuvenated crew are now back in the lab to tackle smaller amounts of liquid.

Photo credit: James

Max K99 Success

Great work Max for recieving a K99 award from NIGMS for his project "High-Throughput Functional Interrogation Of Mammalian Activation Domains".

We do science, too

We have a lot of fun in the Cohen Lab. We sail, and we eat donuts, and we brainstorm big ideas over tasty cocktails. But at core, we are a band of renegades, uncovering secrets of the genome. The only evidence for that claim that you’ll need is the picture below, showing Max and Maria and Clarice taking care of their cells, on a Cohen-Triple-TC-Hood-Combo-Day.

Back to back to back!

Congratulations to Clarice, to Siqi, and to Jeff on successfully proposing their theses! The three have hitched their wagons together so as one wagon advances ahead, the others are pulled alongside. In such a way, the three have boosted each other’s science and buoyed each other’s spirits. A regular Cerberus of science. What a team!

We look forward to seeing what comes out of each one’s thesis work.