Cohen Lab


Insulator – Lab meeting 04/01/2021

It hides in black and dark genomic space
Though with enhancers it must intervene
And once called junk by many in old days
It found fame in the chicken globin gene.
The saw cHS4 had magic game
The researchers who found it thus cried out
O insulator thou art not the same
Now with you loops will never be in doubt.
But then one day a graduate student thought
I wonder how you’ll fare in landing pads
Alas her efforts always came to naught
Much time was wasted chasing it in labs.
But stay, be patient, one day you will see
It will be fucking understood by me.

Credit – Clarice Hong

O lentivirus – Lab Meeting 03/11/21

O lentivirus,
Will you please make more cells green,
Wonder what I’ll find.

Credit – Avinash Ramu

A puzzle – Lab meeting 03/04/21

Swapping out k-mers
Elements become too active
Small changes puzzle me

Credit – Mike White

Spot – Lab meeting 02/11/2021

See Spot run
See Spot scan
See Spot wait for exposing sites
See Spot bind
See Spot take
See Spot outcompete nucleosomes
See Spot spread
See Spot’s friends
See Spot create accessibility
See Spot wave
See Spot call
See Spot recruit transcriptional machinery
See Spot smile
See Spot cheer
See Spot reprogram to a happy lineage
Is Spot weird?
Is Spot cool?
No, Spot is just like all of the other transcription factors!

Credit – Jeff Hansen

Cell walls don’t crumble – Lab meeting 02/04/2021

Cell walls don’t crumble
DNA’s nowhere to see
Will Fluors light the way?

Credit – Kai Loell

One last thing before I go – 01/28/2020

chose artist’s home, for
science is self expression.
found beauty in truth.

This was Max’s last lab meeting with us. Max also shared some words of wisdom with us.

Words of Wisdom

  • Mentoring matters
  • Teaching will make you a better researcher and research will make you a better teacher
  • The goal of the lab is to help lab members get to where they want to go
  • Love people for their strengths and support them through their weaknesses
  • Science is a form of self expression
  • Trust your esthetic taste in problems and answers.

The student – Lab meeting 01/21/21

The student, she felt some distress,
That the QE could end up a mess.
She thought there’d be questions aplenty.
But the Profs’ heads were actually empty,
And the exam was a smashing success!

Credit – Barak Cohen

What is this sequence – Lab meeting – 01/14/2021

What is this sequence–
Strong, silent, or inactive?
It’s all in the bits.

Credit – Ryan Friedman

Haiku was here – Lab meeting 12/17/2020

Haiku was here

From ashes of sparks,
Poets pick up left pieces,
“Hey! Poems were here”

Credit – Yawei Wu

If one sings about the invisible, and to Calvino – Lab Meeting 12/03/2020

If one sings about the invisible, and to Calvino
These cities Marco Polo told the Khan,
Which are forgotten by memory now,
Only shadows exist and else are gone.
Oh Where? In Levantine but no one saw.
Ooh! A human cries for joy not for pain,
Only in Diomera with damascened wall;
And Isidora, before her all fain,
In endless desires memory is all.
It’s real? The Great Khan asks, with his back bent.
Does it matter? As light as a feather
Polo’s answer is outside the present,
Just as daydreams, do not wither.
To feel the subtlety of foreverness,
And to kiss the pain of experience.

Credit – Siqi Zhao