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Cohen Lab attends ASBMB meeting

Mike, Clarice, Ryan, Kai, and Yawei recently traveled to the Stowers Institute in Kansas City to attend the ASBMB conference "Evolution and Core Processes in Gene Expresson". Clarice gave a talk and everyone else presented a poster. Congratulations to Yawei, who was awarded a Best Poster Award for a graduate student!

We had a great time learning about the latest research in cis-regulatory grammar, enhancer evolution, and predictive models of gene regulation. We also enjoyed eating some delicious Kansas City BBQ and connecting with our peers and colleagues in the field.

Summer Cookout — Goodbye, Jeff and Siqi!

The lab joined family and friends to celebrate Jeff and Siqi's successful defenses with a backyard cookout! Barak presented a book to each of the graduates, and everyone was treated to a magic show … um, I mean scientific demonstration of the power of ESP.

Congratulations Siqi!

Congratulations to Siqi Zhao for a successful defense of his thesis, “Single-cell massively parallel reporter assays”, completing the Cohen lab June thesis defense double-header! Watch a recording of his defense here!


Congratulations Jeff!

Congratulations to Jeff Hansen for a successful defense of his thesis, “A Test of the Pioneer Factor Hypothesis for Silent Gene Activation”. Watch a recording of his defense here. Jeff is an MSTP student and will be returning to the clinic for the final two years of Medical School, so we still hope to see him around!


Papers from the lab

Ryan, Max, Clarice and Jeff all had papers published recently! You can find the links to the papers in the Publications section.

Shown above are cool illustrations that describe Clarice's and Jeff's papers. Can you spot the molecular players in these?

James F30 Success

Congrats James for recieving a F30 award from NEI for the project "Multiplex functional assay of variant effect in the retinal transcription factor CRX".

Second Cohen Research Conference

The second Cohen Research Conference was held September 13-15, 2021 at Lake Geneva, WI. Every conference attendee registered online for the conference and presented a talk. Other activities included communal cooking, board games, swimming and kayaking, a lakeside hike, a meditation session, science talks out on the deck, and more! A strong continuation of CRC tradition. Thanks to Clarice and Jeff, the chief organizers of the conference.

Jeff, Bagel, Beer – Lab Meeting 05/27/2021

Beard scruff

Credit – Jeff Hansen

Details kill – Lab meeting 05/20/2021

No leaves get exact twins
Flow never sees the same drops
Careful! Details kill.

Credit – Yawei Wu

There once were some yeast – Lab Meeting 05/13/2021

There once were some yeast from afar
That simply would not PCR
Boiling, freezing were no use
So they got ground up and juiced
And now show their genetic scars

Credit – Kai Loell