Cohen Lab

Big Ideas Night

Aaaand we’re back for round three. This time with some new faces! Ah, time ticks on and people come and go. Fortunately for us, whiskey and science persist.

Back at the Scottish Arms, we tackled the problem of detecting simultaneous binding of two proteins to DNA; the proteins each must bind to the DNA and thus are not co-localized due to protein-protein interactions. In Barak’s words…imagine the TF a cowboy. Once on its DNA horse, it can lasso other TFs around it, but only those TFs also on horses. A wild west of a genome, indeed.

Some ideas included FRET-seq, 2-dimensional gels, and combination usage of accessibility and binding footprints. Without a clear winner, we’ll wait another day before discarding the lassos hanging from our bench top shelves. Until next time, keep thinking big, you crazy scientists.